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The Professor & I at our recent family photo session

I was raised in a family with big Christmases. I mean really big. My mother loves to give gifts, it’s her primary love language and so she’d save up and spoil us rotten on Christmas morning. It wasn’t all expensive stuff, just thoughtful and a lot. It was wonderful, I’m not gonna lie. But the other thing my mom did was she always gave to families who didn’t have as much as we did, and she included us in this so that we were aware of not only how blessed we were, but also that there were other kids out there who had next to nothing.

Flash forward to my own adulthood and I’ve done the same. Whether it’s an angel from a tree at a local store, Operation Christmas Child or just from word of mouth, I always try to give something to a family or at least a child who doesn’t have anything. I’m trying to instill this in my girls as well so they are aware that there are others around them that won’t wake up on Christmas morning with a house full of new toys and clothes.

I can’t help but think of my own girls and how their lives could have been so very different had we not at the opportunity to adopt them. My girls could have been angels on a tree in the grocery store, or on a list that someone at your church handed out to ensure they’d receive presents. It’s hard not to think about that sort of thing. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that instead they’re here in our house, in our family and I can spoil them rotten. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are families out there who have nothing and this time of year that nothing has got to seem even bigger.

So how about y’all? Do you try to do a little extra this time of year to help those in need? 

2 thoughts on “Holiday giving

  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! I love the gift giving (seeing a smile on someone’s face), the baking, the caroling, family and friends gathering together, waiting for Baby Jesus to arrive and reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Nativity Story with my girls on Christmas Eve (even now that they’re older).

    We usually take a few names off the giving tree at church, then shop and wrap for the kids or family we’ve selected.

    It’s beautiful that you’re instilling the value of giving to and doing for others in your girls at an early age.

    I know my family is blessed, yet it’s important for us all to realize that there are others who could use a helping hand. And not just during the holidays.

    I wish you and yours a blessed, joyful, and loving holiday season!


  2. I do love that aspect of Christmas. My church has service projects and work days all year long, where we either do something or make something or donate something. So we give all year, but it seems extra special at Christmas. Don’t forget animals too. I was at Petco today and I gave to help homeless animals.


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