Summer Fun

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By now many, if not most, school districts and universities/colleges are back in session. Summer is over and it’s time to get back in a groove of school, homework, longer commutes and busier schedules.

The dog days of summer are behind us—though in the Southeast, we’re still feeling the heat and humidity. And typically will for months to come.

With our kids and teachers starting back to school, I thought I’d call upon a beloved class assignment from my past: the age old, “What did you do this summer?” essay.

I have to say, I had a blessed summer of 2014. My girls are older, so they’re not home all that often now and when they are, I treasure every moment.

I started off with a three-week visit from with my youngest before she headed back to college for the summer session. Yes, I tried to pack as much fun as I could in her short time with me.
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Then, my youngest niece and nephew arrived to spend two months with my parents and me. Talk about reliving my past. It’s been a while since I’ve had elementary and middle school kids running around the house. From World Cup soccer parties to 90 minutes of trampoline time at a local Skyzone…they certainly kept me hopping—in a fun way!

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Between two writers’ conferences, a rousing family reunion celebration in Texas
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and the passing of a beloved uncle, my June and July flew by.

To cap off my summer, my middle daughter arrived home for two weeks and we headed off for a long weekend in Key West, my old stomping grounds during junior high and high school.

We biked all around the island,
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hit Duval for a little dancing and nightlife, watched a glorious sunset on Mallory Square, caught sunrise before hitting the tennis courts, spent a relaxing day on a boat with old friends, passed by my childhood home and enjoyed playing tourist. It was a jam-packed weekend of catching up with good friends and sharing my hometown with my daughter.

Some folks have commented on all the traveling I managed to do over the past few months. Yes, I’ve been blessed in that respect.

For me though, what I really count as a blessing is the time I’ve been able to spend with family. The memories we created together. The hours spent in each other’s company. The opportunity to say, “I love you” in person to loved ones I don’t get to see often enough.

I’d say the highlight of my summer was the blessing of family time. With the traveling being the icing on the cake. ☺

So, as the Key West sun sets, the homeschool teacher in me wants to know: What did you do this summer?
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6 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Oh boy, my five year old and two year old were a handful this summer. The older one had summer school for 4 weeks so that helped. There was also a nice vacation in a cabin by a lake, but it was a long summer all the same.

    They’re just getting to the age where being home with mom is not a lot of fun anymore and they like very different things, so outings aren’t always practical. My older son actually cried when he realized summer school was over. 😦

    Next year, day camp!


    • Jill, I chuckled when you said your son actually cried when summer school was older. Too funny! 🙂

      It’s hard when your kids have different interests. We went through that with my niece and nephew who visited for two months this summer. Boy, was it a lesson in patience every once in a while. 🙂


  2. Pris, wow, how I enjoyed your blog! Great memories of the good old days in Key West enjoying them through your and Gabby’s eyes. Great blog, and you asked …. what did I do this summer? Let’s just say, I am sorry that it is over! 🙂
    Love you!!!


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