Let’s get crafty!

IMG_1250So here we are upon another holiday and if your kiddos are in school or some daycare or Mother’s Day Out program, it’s time for Valentine’s Day parties. Last year when I did this, I ended up buying 2 boxes for each girl even though there are only 10 kids (total) in their classes. The girls wanted the princess and fairy ones, but I didn’t feel right about giving those to the boys in their classes so we got boy stuff to hand out as well. And many of the Valentine’s come with temporary tattoos – I’m not sure how y’all feel about this, but I’d rather not introduce my children to tattoos just yet.



Needless to say, this year I decided we’d make our own and hand those out. The girls would get to participate and it would mean more than me sitting down one night and addressing all of them for their friends. This way they’d know what they were giving away and they could say they helped to make it. And I thought it would be a fun project for us and for reasons I can’t explain I thought it would be cheaper.

IMG_1253First it was not cheaper. BUT I will say that all of the supplies I bought can be used/eaten at at later date so nothing will go wasted. And we did have a great time. They loved it. I don’t know if those of you with small children have played with the foam stickers, but my girls love them. Even Babybee is quite adept at peeling off the back paper and sticking them on whatever they’re decorating. Busybee even got to write her own name on each of her Valentine, she was quite proud of herself for that.

IMG_1254One of the things I like most about doing crafts with my girls is to see their personalities come out. Babybee is very methodical and precise (pretty amazing for a 2.5 yr old) and Busybee likes to over-do, so her stuff always comes out very decorated. It’s great to see how they create and use their imaginations.


I found the recipe for the “trail” mix on Pinterest, so I can’t take credit for it, but I used Cheerios, Goldfish Pretzels, Yogurt-covered raisins, Valentine M&M’s and Chocolate Teddy Grahams. I think they came out cute and I hope their classmates enjoy them.

So do y’all craft with your kiddos? Do they enjoy doing arts & crafts?

3 thoughts on “Let’s get crafty!

  1. Great post, Robyn! We made valentines for Baby G’s teachers, her grandparents, and her daddy. This involved much cutting and pasting because that is what Baby G likes to do right now. We are doing the class valentines tonight. I tried to talk her into getting something generic, but you will not be surprised to learn she got the princess valentines with stickers. I just warned the boy-moms who told me we’d be getting Superman and Batman. So it all works out. We’re not supposed to bring food, so we got around that.


  2. Wow – very crafty, Robyn. I generally avoid crafts like the plague and was just thinking as I drove to school this AM that I am so glad that we don’t have to make valentine’s day cards this year – the holiday hasn’t really taken off in Australia. In fact, I couldn’t even find a valentine’s day card for the kids – strictly grown-ups. Hallmark clearly hasn’t taken over down under.


  3. Hi, Robyn…terrific post! Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me, to not only make a fun Pre-K Chex Mix (with teddy grahams and marshmallows!) but to handmade Valentines cards for my husband and kids, too! I’ve NEVER done that before, and it was great. I simulated boxes of chocolates, with each chocolate being something specific I love about my husband, daughter or son. Basically, I cut out big red hearts to be the card, then little brown “squares” to be the chocolates. The squares were fold over, so you had to “open” the chocolate. On each square, I had a word such as, “caring,” “loving,” “kind,” “funny”, “my rock” etc. Plus, on the outside of each card, I wrote Be Mine, Hug Me, or My Forever. I had so much fun making the cards, and the reactions I got from the fam were great. So…Thank You for the perfect post at the perfect time 🙂


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